The Very Best Christmas Movies

I have been seeing some blogging Christmas movie lists lately, don’t agree with any of them, and knew that the world was waiting with bated breath for mine. The wait is over, my… Continue reading

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Wren is 11 months! And her heart update

Hey baby girl! Can’t believe you are almost one! Seems like only yesterday I was spending a very pregnant Christmas roughly the size of a beluga whale. Everyone says you are so sweet!… Continue reading

Child Correction for Beginners (namely, me)

It happened today. Rose got up on a chair to reach a banana, and toppled onto the floor. I had told her umpteen times not to climb on that chair, and I lost… Continue reading

That Time My 3 Year Old Wiped Away My Insecurities

Gosh our house smells delicious. I am never getting a fake Christmas tree. This smell makes me so happy. But I am digressing before I even start this post. Pregnant brain. It all… Continue reading

Tree shopping with the girls

Whenever we drive around after dark these days, I can hear two little voices from the back of the van saying excitedly, “Look mommy! It’s Christmas decorations! It’s a Christmas tree! I see… Continue reading

14 Week Bumpdate and the Girls

My photographer was taking her nap. 14 weeks! I had my second OB appointment on Tuesday. The heartbeat was a healthy 150 and weight gain was on track. The doctor said everything looks… Continue reading

The Best (and worst) Christmas Songs

I know the stores already have full on Christmas going on, and some of my friends have even started decorating for Christmas, but we like to wait until the Advent season to start… Continue reading

Wren:10 Months

So this update is a day late. Whoops! Yesterday, I was feeling better and getting everything done like a boss. Dirty laundry pile was clean and folded and put away, kitchen sink was… Continue reading

Old Social Conventions that need to come back

I am a total old literature snob. I resist reading anything written after 1960 (unless it is Harry Potter, those books are awesome). I just feel like good literature died with the cultural… Continue reading

12 Week Bumpdate

Cannot WAIT to be out of the first trimester. The second trimester is where it’s at, baby. Without further ado, my 12 week bump, as taken by my three year old photographer. The… Continue reading