Wren: 8 months

I feel like the difference from 7 months to 8 months is huge! My husband said, “she is finally getting fun!” I have found that men don’t have as much of an appreciation… Continue reading

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Happy 30th, Daddy!

I am in the midst of a pre-party FREAK OUT because Ruthie’s birthday party is on Saturday and my house looks like, you know, two toddlers and an infant live in it. Not… Continue reading

Improvements to our humble abode

I never knew it while we were renting, but my husband is a home improvement freak! He is happiest every weekend if it is spent at Home Depot and then at home absorbed… Continue reading

The Weight of Worry

My mom always says you are only as happy as your least happy child. I would like to add that you also worry for your children way more than they could ever worry… Continue reading

Bloggers who inspire me

The lovely (seriously, her curly hair makes me miss mine) and very talented mommy to the adorable toddler Boeta kindly nominated my blog for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Thank you, lady love.… Continue reading

How to get a stubborn breastfeeding baby to take a bottle

As some of you may know from this post, I have been struggling for almost eight months to get Wren to take a bottle. I’m not weaning her, I just would like to… Continue reading

Rotary Barbecue Field Party

We have had a busy weekend. I think our family is going to sleep well tonight. (But knowing Wren, I’m not going to count on that.) My dad is a proud Rotarian, and… Continue reading

Lantern Parade

I have decided that even though it is a huge pain in the rear and not to mention extremely stressful to take the girls out, to see the looks of delight on their… Continue reading

Trip to the High

Today we were invited to go to the High Museum in Atlanta. Apparently, the High has some diverting activities for kids. We weren’t even there for a specific children’s event (which they offer… Continue reading

Writing mistakes that drive me bonkers

It happened again today. I was reading something on the internet with a glaring grammar mistake. I cringed and fought the urge to email the site administrator to inform him or her of… Continue reading