No, I’m not trying for a (insert gender here). Please stop asking.

We who are defective unfortunate enough to have all children of one sex know the all too common scenario: Stranger walks up to you when you are out and about with your children and… Continue reading

Doubling Down: Wren is 18 months and Rhea is 2 months! (Update)

Because I know you probably don’t have the patience for a novel about Wren at 18 months and a separate novel about Rhea at 2 months. Rhea: So I skipped a 1 month… Continue reading

In which Rhea is baptized (aka, shameless photo dump)

In the Catholic tradition, you are supposed to baptize your child as soon as possible, and for me that has never been any sooner than 2 months. (You Catholic mamas who can manage… Continue reading

In which Scott sleeps, and I spend my first day with Rhea

In my last post, Rhea’s birth story, I left you, dear reader, without some information that might render the end of the post disingenuous. I seek to remedy that now. And bore you with… Continue reading

Rhea’s Birth Story

I know, I know.  I didn’t have some exciting VBAC home birth or anything.  It was a scheduled C section. But it’s my blog and I can birth story if I want to.… Continue reading

An Update on Wren’s Heart Defect

For any of you who are new readers (hey a girl can dream!), Wren was diagnosed with a stenosis of the pulmonary artery. Basically, her artery going from her heart to her lungs… Continue reading

Why the fourth child is a total game changer

It had been four days since I had delivered my fourth baby.  I had just arrived at my mother’s house from the hospital the day before so that I could recover from my… Continue reading

First week caring for all four ALONE

Hey there!  We’re still here, and still alive.  In case you were wondering. Just to catch you up on the happenings around here lately: All of the girls have recovered from the cough/cold… Continue reading

Life lately with four under four

My introduction to having four under four this past week or so has been jarring to say the least.  Mom came down with a horrible cold the day we went to the hospital… Continue reading

Welcome, Baby Lady!

Sylvia Rhea Bass arrived bright and early this morning! I wish I had a spectacular birth story to share with you, but it was just a boring scheduled C section (thank the Lord!)… Continue reading