Labor Day Weekend

Cheers to long weekends! Ours was low key, yet delightful. I make a habit of visiting my abuelos at least once a week, and we made it over there on Friday. I wish… Continue reading

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Gift ideas for second (or more) time moms

It is usually difficult to discern the protocol on gift giving to pregnant moms who already have children. Should you even bother? Doesn’t she have everything she needs already? There has been a… Continue reading

Weekend Happenings

Is it just me, or do weekends fly by? You wait all week for the weekend, and then when it is finally here, you blink and it’s Sunday night again. Sigh. My mom… Continue reading

You Might Be a Catholic Mama If . . .

1) You are consistently frustrated that no one makes “Big Brother/Big Sister” baby onesies. 2) Going to mass is like preparing for battle. You must be armed with distracting yet quiet yet religious… Continue reading

Wren: Seven Months

Dear Wren, What the what?!! You are seven months already. Boy, does the third baby age quickly. Before I know it, you will be fighting with Daddy about whether your outfits are too… Continue reading

Wren’s ER Visit

It was the day before my birthday, and my sister and I were having a lovely time playing with my babies out on the patio. I was holding Wren and I heard her… Continue reading

The Thing About Advice on Motherhood: Too many cooks!

A dear friend recently wrote to me asking what I do about all of the advice and opinions people inevitably give when they see you with young children. She is a single mom… Continue reading

Your Baby Hates Me

“Your baby hates me,” you proclaim as you hand her back to me, gingerly, as if she may spontaneously combust at any moment. I giggle awkwardly as I receive my child. I never… Continue reading

What Students Remember Most About Teachers

Originally posted on Pursuit of a Joyful Life:
Dear Young Teacher Down the Hall, I saw you as you rushed past me in the lunch room. Urgent. In a hurry to catch a…

How I night weaned Wren without “crying it out”

After the longest seven months of my life, we finally have reached my favorite milestone: sleeping 12 hours straight. To you mamas who still nurse at night for longer than seven months, you… Continue reading