Because I’m Horrible at Keeping Secrets

HEY-YO! Just one of those days I decided to take a pregnancy test “just for fun.” And just in case my eyes were playing tricks on me, I took another one the next… Continue reading

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Rosie is TWO!

Well, she turned two on Friday, but things have been a bit crazy here lately. More on that later. Dear Rosie, You are two years old. Two years ago, your daddy and I… Continue reading

Wren: 9 months

I’m going to do Wren’s monthly update a day early since Rosie’s birthday is tomorrow and two posts in one day sounds exhausting! The little bird is nine months old! I know I… Continue reading

How my mom lost the popularity contest but won at parenting

People talk about peer pressure among kids in middle schools all the time, but seldom talk about peer pressure among moms. Trust me, it’s a thing. Even though my oldest is only three,… Continue reading

15 Things to say other than (ugh) “You’ve got your hands full!”

Once I had Rose a mere thirteen months after I had Ruth, the common refrain that seems to be the soundtrack to my life these days began. “Looks like you’ve got your hands… Continue reading

Our Epic Candler Park Adventure

Now that I have slept on it, I feel much better about yesterday. I can laugh about it, even. But yesterday, I was feeling very angry at myself for overdoing it. We just… Continue reading

Conversations with Ruthie

We spend many a pleasant early morning conversing in the bathroom while Ruth does her morning business. She is always the first to rise (other than Daddy) and yells from her crib, “Mommy!… Continue reading

The cost of raising children

I’ve noticed an article making its rounds on my Facebook circuit that claims that raising children these days costs around 10 billion dollars per child per year! Ok, perhaps I am exaggerating the… Continue reading

Captain’s Log: The Pestilence Continues

September 27, 2014 The pestilence continues without abatement on the good ship Bass. The stomach virus is a cruel mistress. ‘Twas the night before last she claimed her third victim. I was awoken… Continue reading

How to leave the house with littles

One of my dear readers asked me to write a post on what I typically do to wrangle my three little ones when we are out and about. Your wish is my command!… Continue reading