Abuelita’s Arroz con Leche (rice pudding)

It all began when I was in eighth grade and was responsible for bringing a Cuban dish for a party we were having in Spanish class. My mom pulled out an old dog-eared… Continue reading

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DIY Sandbox for the kids- Updated with Instructions

We (and by “we”, I mean Scott) spent our Saturday building a sandbox for the girls. Ruth played in a neighbor’s sandbox a few weeks ago and has been talking about nothing else… Continue reading

How Thursday with the Pediatric Cardiologist went down

So I have had a day to process what happened at Wren’s appointment yesterday and spoken to a few of my friends and relatives who are in the medical field. Honestly, I spent… Continue reading

Wren’s cardiologist appointment

I went to the pediatric cardiologist with Wren today hoping for some good news. We found out three months ago that she has pulmonary stenosis, but possibly it was going to be mild… Continue reading

How to not get your baby to take a bottle

I considered myself an authority on most things mommy (when it comes to babies) when my oldest became a toddler. However, the more children I have, the more I feel like I have… Continue reading

Abuela’s Picadillo Cubano and our first grocery outing!

So I took all three girls to the grocery store today for the first time. I loaded Wren in my Ergo and walked in with the two toddlers. Traffic stopped all ways as… Continue reading

How to have the perfect mommy blog

I have always loved mommy blogs. They are the only blogs I read, really. I have studied the art of the popular mommy blog intently, trying to unlock their secrets because I wanted… Continue reading

Wren: six months?!!

Dear Wren, Today you are six months old. I know this is the common refrain among parents, but where does the time go?! You’ve grown from a newborn to a full-fledged baby! Milestones:… Continue reading

Are you capable of forgetting your child in a hot car?

This has been weighing heavily on my mind these past few weeks. Our community was rocked by a horrible tragedy last month. A toddler about Rosie’s age was left in a car for… Continue reading

Reading List for my little girls

I remember being really disappointed in my reading lists when I was in middle school. My teachers avoided the classics like the plague and stuck to some really bleak stuff. They seemed to… Continue reading