Have you ever heard of those Duggars?

What do you do when you are about 59 weeks pregnant and your devoted husband offers to watch the children on a hot Saturday? You go get your pedicure on, of course. I… Continue reading

33 Weeks and braving the Easter Sunday mass madness with 3 littles

Greetings from the soupy yellow fog that is Atlanta these days.  I am telling you, we are suffering over here from the massive cloud of pollen hovering over our city.  Even I can’t… Continue reading

Cuban Black Beans and Rice

It’s been a while since I have shared a recipe on here, so I figured it was high time.  Cubans call black beans and rice “moros y cristianos” which translates into “Moors and… Continue reading

Why we make sleep a priority and how we got our littles to sleep through the night

Ah, moms.  We’re such a low key bunch.  I am always reluctant to even mention things like “sleep training” because it can cause such a visceral reaction from some women.  I once made… Continue reading

Fabulous Ladies Night

So, for the past few months my sisters, mom, and I decided to form a book club.  We call ourselves the “Fabulous Ladies” (for obvious reasons) and we meet once or twice a… Continue reading

31 Weeks

Only two months left!  My mom actually bought Baby Lady her very first gifts.  She is lucky to have an Abueyay.  I still have to buy a  new car seat for Wren.  She… Continue reading

30 weeks and the perinatologist 

I got to see Baby Lady’s sweet face again today! I went to the perinatologist to have a follow up high res ultrasound of Baby Lady’s heart to double check and see that… Continue reading

29 Weeks and still a hot mess

Ok, I think I have filled my quota of whiny posts of late, so I am going to try and keep this as upbeat and positive as possible.   Had my OB appointment… Continue reading

Keeping it real

I know that most of you are totally over seeing posts about the winter blahs and being so ready for spring, but . . . . . these past few weeks have been… Continue reading

New Baby Etiquette

No, I’m not talking about the etiquette that new babies themselves should observe.  Anyone who has had a newborn knows that they recognize no social conventions whatsoever. Anyway, I hesitate to classify any… Continue reading