An Update on Wren’s Heart Defect

For any of you who are new readers (hey a girl can dream!), Wren was diagnosed with a stenosis of the pulmonary artery. Basically, her artery going from her heart to her lungs… Continue reading

Why the fourth child is a total game changer

It had been four days since I had delivered my fourth baby.  I had just arrived at my mother’s house from the hospital the day before so that I could recover from my… Continue reading

First week caring for all four ALONE

Hey there!  We’re still here, and still alive.  In case you were wondering. Just to catch you up on the happenings around here lately: All of the girls have recovered from the cough/cold… Continue reading

Life lately with four under four

My introduction to having four under four this past week or so has been jarring to say the least.  Mom came down with a horrible cold the day we went to the hospital… Continue reading

Welcome, Baby Lady!

Sylvia Rhea Bass arrived bright and early this morning! I wish I had a spectacular birth story to share with you, but it was just a boring scheduled C section (thank the Lord!)… Continue reading

38 Weeks: The Final Bumpdate

I can’t believe it, but I had my last appointment today. My OB had a bone to pick with me because she saw my Facebook status that my bags were packed and had… Continue reading

What is in my hospital bag

Because there aren’t enough of these posts out there in the blogosphere, am I right?  After four babies in four years, I think I have honed what we really need and what we… Continue reading

The Moms we often forget

I always thought it was kind of silly that we call pregnant women “expectant mothers” or “moms-to-be.” As anyone who has been pregnant knows, we become moms the second that tiny little being… Continue reading

37 Weeks and officially whale status

This week has been a bit rough. I feel roughly the size of a pregnant beluga whale (although Scott assures me I am still hundreds of pounds away from that goal because he… Continue reading

Mildly creepy/amusing things my kids say

I have really enjoyed the talking stage. It is so interesting to find out what goes on in their little brains.  Even if they can sometimes be unsettling or brutally honest. Rue doesn’t… Continue reading