Wren: 8 months

I feel like the difference from 7 months to 8 months is huge! My husband said, “she is finally getting fun!” I have found that men don’t have as much of an appreciation for the subtle joys of sleeping infants. They tend to be drawn to the more mobile giggling babies. Go figure.

Thumb suckers unite!

Milestones: You started clapping! It is ridiculously adorable. You involve your whole body in this new activity. Sometimes the sheer energy of your clap topples you over! You are also finally sitting up steadily. I thought this would never happen. You have been babbling and gurgling up a storm. If someone blows raspberries at you, you blow them back! My grandmother said I’m going to jinx it by saying this, but you started sleeping 12 hours again! Right after you started sleeping through at seven months, you had your ER trip, horrible fever, and started teething hardcore, and started waking once a night again. Pobresita! You also had your first little tooth break through the gum! This is my first experience breastfeeding a baby with teeth, and ouch! You haven’t started army crawling yet, but you can roll across the room in the blink of an eye. You also FINALLY started drinking out of a bottle! Cue the Alleluia Chorus.




Likes: Your sisters’ princess castle. You roll on over to it and love playing with all the buttons that make sounds and music. Breastfeeding AND your bottle. Sucking on your little thumb, sweet potatoes, being held by mama, Daddy being goofy and making you laugh, kisses, hugs from your sisters, grabbing anything within arm’s reach (including mama’s hair, ouch!)

Dislikes: Sitting in your car seat (especially if mama startles you by blindly reaching into your car seat to comfort you), strangers holding you, taking a bath without mama, being left alone in a room for any period of time (unless it is in your crib).





Keep praying for the little bird’s heart! We are hoping for a miracle and that no surgery is needed, but we are taking it one day at a time.

Wrenna, you are the best little baby. You bring us so much joy! Keep cracking that beautiful smile! We love you.






0 thoughts on “Wren: 8 months

  1. LorraineTee

    Oh yes! Teething and breastfeeding – they kind of don’t go together. But my 23-month old son disagrees with me. So at almost 2 y.o., we’re still breastfeeding!

    Little Wren will be in my prayers! Hugs baby girl!

    1. sylcell Post author

      She and I are having such a good breastfeeding relationship, I would totally go that long if I could! And your son is Rosie’s age! She turns 2 on October 17!

  2. Alana

    What a beautiful little one you have. My husband is the same as yours, as they get more active and they become more engaged, he seems to have more fun and be more involved. Or at least, that’s my take on it. Will definitely pray for your sweet girl! I love the line about her clapping so exuberantly, she sometimes falls over! Lol. Way too cute!

  3. morgan

    8 months? what…? oh my.

    can’t find untidy btw. and that furniture is so old-school it’s getting modern again over here.

    1. sylcell Post author

      Well I would have cleared off the junk on top of the wardrobe, but I’m too short;) Scott and I need a bedroom set for sure. We just have several different hand me downs from my parents from the seventies. Ah, young married life!

  4. Elise

    Question, or perhapts maybe a blog post idea: How do you manage to get around with your 3 under three? Starting next week my husband (stay at home Dad, for reasons much like yours) with have our four kids plus his brother’s three kids. He will have to make several trips to the bus stop each day (5 min walk) to put the 8, 6, and 4 year old on the bus. Our 3 year old can keep up with walking or riding her bike. We are trying to figure out the best way to get our 23 month old and two 3 month olds all to the bus stop. When they get a bit older I think we will buy the triple play wagon by radio flyer (BTW I think you should add that to your wish list if you don’t have one already). Not sure the toddler will tolerate baby wearing, but I’m thinking he’ll have to baby wear one of them and use the double stroller, or push the double stroller and pull a wagon. Advise?

    From Mom to Megan, Molly, Marston, and Matilda

    1. sylcell Post author

      I just love your children’s names! We ended up going with the same beginning letter too. As for getting around with my three:
      I enlist help, if I can. I do not like going places alone with all three. If we are going somewhere that is going to involve a lot of walking (toddlers tire easily) I put the two toddlers in the City Mini double stroller and wear the eight month old in my Ergo. I also buckle the toddlers in so they don’t escape until I want them to (otherwise they slip out of the stroller, even if it is moving, and run away! But that might just be my naughty ones.)
      Otherwise, I just let the toddlers walk and tell them I need help pushing the baby’s stroller (they love having jobs, it makes them feel important and keeps them from taking off).
      We do have a radio flyer! My husband loves taking the older girls around the neighborhood in it. I don’t like it because it doesn’t perform well steering-wise or on hills. Also, it is hard to pack and we have to drive most places.

      Hope that answers your question! Let me know if it doesn’t. I almost always wear the baby, but the toddlers don’t really like being worn. Hence the double stroller.
      Feel free to email me if you have any other questions or need advice.

    1. sylcell Post author

      Aaaand failing most of the time. Hello, untidy and full of crap furniture and horrible wall color in our master bedroom! Oh, well. At least she is cute;)