Rhea’s Incredibly Important 8 Month Update

Yeah, that title is pretty click bait-y. Mea Culpa. I was thinking about something along the lines of: “Rhea turns 8 months, what happens next WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!”, but I usually spitefully avoid those types of titles because I feel like they are insulting my intelligence. Unless there is a baby or a cat in it. I’m not made of stone, you guys. What was this post supposed to be about again?


Oh, right. Rhea.

Milestones: She has finally got some sort of strange army crawl hybrid going on. She will pull up to a plank and kind of fall forward. It works for her, so she’s sticking to it. She started saying “mama!” Not sure if she is referring to me specifically, but she seems to say it when she is sleepy or wants to be nursed. She still prefers nursing to solid foods, but she can tear into some Cheerios or little manageable bits of whatever food we’re eating. The more children I have, the more I don’t want to even fool with the trouble or expense of those jars of baby food. She is pleasantly plump on breastmilk alone, so any food she consumes is a bonus. I’m not a complete Baby Led Weaning mama per se, I’m just lazy. She is sleeping 8 hours pretty regularly, but I would prefer 12. She and Ruth both prefer that she sleep in the rock n play. However, she did do a four hour nap in her crib in Ruth’s room the other day, so I am hopeful for an eventual transition there. She will get on her hands and knees and rock back and forth occasionally.


Likes: Cheerios, her rock n play, nursing, people food, being tickled, baths (every time I sit her down so that I can run the water, she starts wiggling her arms and legs excitedly), her sisters (except when Wren lays on top of her), she has been dying to get my phone in her mouth, her sisters’ toys (mostly the princess castle), sucking on her lips (that is her tell that she is sleepy).


Dislikes: When her sisters lay on her or take her toys (shockingly), banana, eggs, being sleepy (don’t try to tickle her when she is sleepy), her car seat, if people are eating without her, sleeping in the crib in Ruth’s room, . . . . . Not much, really! She is a pretty content baby.


I’m very proud of still being able to nurse her! Usually I am pregnant again by now and my pregnancy vomiting and nausea always lead to my supply drying up. My sister caught me following a breastfeeding art account on Instagram (curse you, friend notifications!). I can’t help it, there is just something about it that embodies domestic tranquility for me. I think photos of babies in general are beautiful, but the image of a nursing mother has a beauty all its own. Anyway, everyone thinks I’m weird because of it, and I’m ok with that. As my grandmother would say, cada loco con su tema. (“Every crazy person has his topic.”)


Love you, my smiley, happy girl! I thank God for you every day.

6 thoughts on “Rhea’s Incredibly Important 8 Month Update

  1. Rachel A. Hanson

    She is so sweet! And I am with you, I LOVE pictures of mamas breastfeeding their babies. There is just something so sweet about them, and it reminds you how great breastfeeding is when you’re having a hard time.

  2. Alana

    She’s just too cute for words! It’s funny when the notification came to my inbox, I thought “8 months in and no baby announcement!” It must be both tiring and nice to nurse a little longer this time around. Always love your posts!

    1. sylvia.hobgood@gmail.com Post author

      LOL, you know me well! Longest I have been post partum and not pregnant again!

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