What we Wore Sunday and a Prayer Request

They tell me it is Sunday again. I’m not sure where the rest of the week went, but here I am, staring down the barrel at yet another Monday. Here is what we wore to Mass this week on this glorious day.


Ruth: Dress is from Alice and Ames. You can find it here. It has a full twirly skirt that she enjoyed twirling around in all day. Her shoes were a gift from my mom.

Rose: Bow is from Free Babes Handmade. (Here is an insider tip: if you just google “free babes”, you won’t find any bows, but you will squawk in dismay and cover your iPad screen with your hands while frantically hitting the “back” button. Not that that happened to me or anything.) Dress was a gift from my grandmother that she purchased here(This is an Amazon affiliate link. If you end up purchasing anything using that link, I receive a few pennies to help support the blog.) Sandals are Saltwater Sandals. Hooray for sandal weather!

Wren: Dress was also a gift from my grandmother. She got it here. (Also an affiliate link.) Shoes are from Nordstrom. I need to get her Saltwaters out of storage.

Rhea: Sweater was a gift from my mom. Dress is from Janie and Jack. Knee highs are Hubble and Duke. Shoes are Freshly Picked.

I am wearing some unwashed hair and a shirt that is clearly too tight across the bust. (Like pretty much everything I own.) But, at least the girls look nice. Scott is wearing a freshly shaved face since he has to go to court this week and some judges look askance at full beards. I miss his sexy beard, though.

Behind the scenes of our Bass family photo shoots:


None of that series of photos worked out because Ruthie the Instigator decided it would be a good idea for everyone to squat around Rhea. The effect was less than flattering.

In other news, if you are the praying kind, please pray for my dear friend’s daughter. She is about 15 months old, and was admitted for an extended hospital stay.

I have been praying rosaries, Divine Mercy Chaplets, and Memorares for her ever since she was admitted to the hospital, but I was looking for some ideas on what else to do. They are a devout Catholic family too. Any special prayer cards for sick children I can send her? Or perhaps I can donate to have some religious pray for her?

If any of you parents have had an extended hospital stay with your littles, what kind of stuff helped you out? She is out of town, so anything I send would have to be shipped or electronic. Books? Snacks? TV shows? Any ideas would be appreciated.

Ok, I promise I will be better at blogging and my next post won’t just be another lazy What We Wore Sunday post. You guys deserve better.

Linking up with Rosie again! Hop on over to her blog for more Sunday outfit inspiration!



16 thoughts on “What we Wore Sunday and a Prayer Request

  1. Siné

    One thing that I have heard is that giftcards for food places close to the hospital is really helpful. Hospital food can get old fast.

  2. Rachel A. Hanson

    You have definitely not been lazy! Being a mama to 4 is hard work all by itself.

    You, Scott, and the girls all look adorable – and I really should get off my lazy butt and sign up for Amazon affiliates too.

    1. sylvia.hobgood@gmail.com Post author

      Yeah, it is really easy to do, I really like it. My mom shops on Amazon all the time, so she is keeping this blog afloat, ha!

  3. Rachel

    Praying for your friends! I’m also very impressed you manage to dress four little girls so well. I’m already having battles with my 2yo and she usually just ends up in something of her choosing. At least she’s dressed!?

    1. sylvia.hobgood@gmail.com Post author

      My husband dresses them all except for Rhea, and he has a will of iron, LOL. I let Ruth and Rose wear whatever they want during the week, which leads to some interesting combinations, but oh well. Two fewer children for me to dress!

  4. mamajud

    How lovely these girls are in their dresses! Sorry, didn’t notice you were wearing an unironed shirt, my attention was elsewhere! Ha it is always fun to meet another beard-loving women, especially one who has to make some effort for the beard to stay! Not too much effort of course, that would cause a grumpy beardman LOL. Enjoyable post!

    1. sylvia.hobgood@gmail.com Post author

      Thank you! Yes, he looks handsome either way, but I must say I was quite smitten with the beard. But a change is always refreshing and probably less itchy 😂

  5. Elly Tuthill

    I love these posts! I got really excited when I saw your mention of Salt Water sandals. I’ve been eyeballing those and just haven’t pulled the trigger on getting them. You may have just pushed me over the edge. Lol! Love seeing all the precious ensembles you put together for your littles. 😍

    Also, know that the Tuthills will be blanketing your friend and her precious baby in prayers. As for what you can do…

    -the most important is to send sporadic messages of love and support. We may not have always been able to respond to each and every one but reading through them always reminded us that Ava was being prayed for and God was in control.

    A few tangible ideas you could send…

    -a journal (It’s so easy to forget the little details when you’re in the thick of it).
    -gift cards – expenses add up FAST! (Restaurants close to the hospital (hospital food gets old QUICK! Lol! & when we left we never wanted to be too far); Gas (you can really rack up the miles running back and forth between home and hospital)
    -a roll of quarters (sounds weird but sometimes you just need a quick, little “pick me up” from the vending machines)
    -puzzle/activity/coloring books – there is LOTS of down time!
    -an uplifting book (again…LOTS of down time)
    -delivery from a local restaraunt (if there is ever a night where they are home early enough, having dinner delivered is just one less thing she has to worry about)

    Hope this helps!

    1. sylvia.hobgood@gmail.com Post author

      Perfect, Elly! I knew you would have some good tips! And yes, the Saltwaters are our spring/summer staple. Cute, affordable, and water proof!

  6. Rosie

    Laura Ashley dresses are my faaaaavorite – it’s gotten to the point where if I find them used, I’ll buy them no matter the size because they’re SUCH good quality and so beautiful!

    Special prayers for that sweet babe and her family – maybe prayer cards for Sts. Louis and Zelie Martin? They had quite a few sick children.

    1. sylvia.hobgood@gmail.com Post author

      Ooooo, I will look for some, thank you! And these are our first Laura Ashley dresses, and I am loving them!

  7. Katie

    Cute family!!! Love the mention of the “unwashed hair” and “freshly shaved beard” – lol!!

    Sending up an Ave for your friend’s daughter right now….. Maybe have your sweet kids color pictures and send them? Does the lil girl have a patron saint? Maybe you could send her a little statue or peg doll or soft Saint?

    And you have not been “lazy” since you’ve just done the WIWS posts lately. Just a busy momma doing her best and trying to squeeze in some blogging on the side. I’m in the same boat! I really like link-up posts like this because they are quicker to write up, but still capture beautiful little glimpses of our lives.

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