Like the Beatles album, but chubbier and more giggly.


Today, my baby is one. If you are wondering how that nursing thing went, I am still fighting for one nurse a day. Girl is weaning herself hardcore. But that struggle deserves its own post.

Milestones: She is pulling up to stand, cruising around while holding onto things, walking with push toys, and standing unassisted for a few seconds. She can also climb the stairs and open the door to the baby gate I put in front of the stairs in my futile attempt to keep her from going up the stairs. She knows that I am “Mama” and takes full advantage of it by shouting it at the top of her lungs if I am out of sight until I reappear and give her what she wants. So, she pretty much shouts, “Mama!” at me all day. If I ask her who Dada is, she will point to Scott. She just started pointing, and it is pretty cute.


Likes: She loves placing Rosie’s Cinderella toy in her coach and placing Ruth’s Calico Critters in their house through the door. She’ll also try to color when her sisters are coloring. She thinks she’s big. She also loves to sit on whatever Wren is trying to play with or read. Or just grabbing whatever Wren is playing with out of her hand. And so it begins.

Dislikes: Being placed into her play pen when I have to do something, when her sisters take their toys back from her, ummmmmmm not much, really. She is a very laid-back, happy baby.


Today, we had my siblings and parents over for some birthday cake in Rhea’s honor. I helped her open some meaningful gifts. You guys, my mom got her this Shining Light Doll and I am obsessed. It is so adorable. The older girls recognized Our Lady right away.

It was a simple birthday party with no frills, but it was sweet and intimate. We love our little girl. She is such a light in our lives. She will always light up your day with her bright smile and infectious giggle. When I hold her close, she will lay her sweet round cheek on my shoulder and condescendingly pat me on the back. I will always remember her loud squeal of delight when Scott and I got back from Chicago. And I will always remember how she politely lets me squeeze her irresistible thigh rolls and giggles when I do.

Happy birthday, beautiful baby girl. I look forward to watching your future with considerable interest. You are a blessing to us all.


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