Stuff my kids think I can do while driving

Because I never intended this to be Regina’s medical blog, although I’m sure it’s going to seem like that sometimes. I do have four other kids, though! And they’re pretty insufferable  adorable.

My bulleted list of things my children think that I am capable of accomplishing while operating a moving vehicle:

  • Put their shoes on after they have “fallen” off of their feet and/or tie their shoelaces
  • Hand them snacks and drinks
  • Pick up a toy that they have dropped or their sister has stolen and return it to them
  • Keep their sister from putting her leg or arm on “my side”
  • Solve disputes with all of my idle threats (because I really won’t remember to put them in time out once we get back home and pulling the car over would entail that we be even more embarrassingly late than we already are)
  • Cloak the sun whenever it gets in their eyes
  • Make an intelligent and thought-provoking remark about every cloud, tree, building, and pet they see as we drive rapidly by them.
  • Drive faster than sports cars
  • Pass right through traffic and red lights like a ghost-mobile

I have been able to successfully pass the time in the car with them by telling them Bible stories in my best dramatic storyteller voice. However, it does give rise to some bizarre conversations later. So far, we have only made it through Genesis and Adam and Eve (Noah is next). I must have been describing the first marriage a bit too literally for them, because Ruth went up to my dad announcing that Scott and I “are one flesh.” Ruth then paused and conspiratorially asked Dad if he knew what the word “flesh” meant. Dad humored her by asking her what it meant and she swallowed hard in preparation for giving him the unpleasant news and intoned, “skin.” Needless to say, I had some ‘splaning to do.

On a completely different note, happy birthday today to our Rosie!! You light up our lives, Rosa-pose.

On her birth day:


One year old:


Two years old:


Three years old:


Four year old impromptu photo shoot that she really got into:

img_1551 img_1552 img_1553 img_1554 img_1555 img_1556

9 thoughts on “Stuff my kids think I can do while driving

  1. Julia Harrell

    Will’s new car thing is, “Arewethereyet arewethereyet arewethereyet?!?”
    “No, Will.”
    “YES WE ARE!”
    “Okay, we’re there.”
    “NO WE’RE NOT!”

  2. Kristen

    I love everything about this! My husband looked up your blog after dinner and started reading it out loud. We could not stop laughing. So much truth!

  3. Alicia Schonhardt

    Great list!

    My 3yo hates it when other cars pass us. “They’re winning us! They’re winning us! Go faster!” Sorry kid. Our mini-van belongs in the right “slow vehicle” lane. 🙂

  4. Sara Pierce

    I love this 🙂
    K always finishes her drink and thinks I have some mystical well up in the driver’s seat that can refill her cup. Considering getting a super soaker one day and really “filling” her cup 😉

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