Send Chocolate. Lots of It.

They say that the heyday of the mommy blogger has passed. Not sure what the kids are into these days instead. Snapchat? Youtube channels? Posts communicated entirely by GIFs? Video killed the blogging star? Well, here I still sit, plugging away at posts that probably contributed to killing this medium. Because there was never a party I wasn’t a day late and a dollar short for.

Yesterday, I had an appointment with the high risk OB, so I actually had to put on real pants, makeup, and do something with my hair other than knot it up in the back and pretend it doesn’t exist. I’m not as adept at doing all this since I’m carrying around this watermelon and I’m out of practice. Also, I have a hard time finding clothing that doesn’t make me want to die. Jeans give me contractions and underwire bras are like the seventh circle of hell since I always carry so high. Leggings don’t really count as pants, so I have to find a top long enough to cover some expansive real estate in the rear. And I’m always behind on the laundry. And the girls have all had colds. My standards are low, but not venturing out in public covered in snot stains low. Needless to say, getting dressed was taking me longer than expected as the three older girls were downstairs presumably eating their breakfasts and watching Daniel Tiger.

Here is what they were really up to:

img_1781 img_1782 img_1783

Why yes, that is sharpie marker. On their faces, and their legs, and their feet, and on their fingernails and toe nails like nail polish except a nightmare to get off. And I had to drop them off at my mom’s in 15 minutes. Ruthie thought it looked really vogue, as you can see. She had done her eyelids, even. Rose cried and told me I couldn’t take it off because she would no longer be beautiful. Apparently, Wren just stood there while her sisters decorated her.

So I had to drop them off at my mom’s looking like that while my mom laughed and laughed. My mom, being Cuban, is a cleaning expert and I knew if anyone could get all of that permanent marker off, she could. She sent me these pictures while I was waiting for my ultrasound:

img_1779 img_1778 img_1777

She said she tried several things, and makeup remover seemed to do the trick. It’s still all over their nails, but I’ll take what I can get. I’m glad Wrennie is putting Dad’s workout equipment to good use.

Yesterday, I was also caught in the midst of a tornado on my way back to Mom’s from my appointment. Big branches were falling, transformers on the electric lines were exploding, the streets were flooded, my phone was going off with that jarring emergency warning, and on the radio they were telling me to leave my car and go lay face-down in the nearest ditch. That idea did not appeal to me in the least. I decided to risk an alternative. It took me about half an hour, but I finally reached my grandparents’ house (usually five minutes away from the hospital) to wait out the tornado warnings. They had sought refuge in the basement, so I had to call their cell phones to let me in. It was a pretty harrowing experience. While I was there, they took out what they knew was my favorite casserole from a local deli to give me. They had been keeping it in the freezer for me for the next time they saw me. Aren’t grandparents one of the most wonderful things in the world?!!

I defrosted it all today and put it in the oven for dinner. When I tried to pull it out of the oven, the tin foil dish completely collapsed and the whole casserole spilled into the bottom of the oven. The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord. (I can really relate to Job these days. I know, I am melodramatic.) We had fast food for dinner instead.

On the positive side, we found a nanny and she is a Godsend. She comes twice a week and gives my mom a much-needed break from babysitting during the endless doctors’ appointments. I have been doing crazy things like running errands by myself, eating by myself, and getting stuff done around the house without so much “help” from the toddler. Praise the Lord!

I was thinking about doing a few posts on what it is like to be near the end of a pregnancy with a child with Down syndrome and a heart defect. It will not be boring, that is for sure. There is a higher risk of stillbirth with children with Down syndrome, so I am seeing doctors at least twice weekly to make sure she is still doing well inside the womb. My C section is going to be early per my high risk OB’s advice. We have to make sure the umbilical cord is still working, she is practicing her breathing, she is still growing, and isn’t in any distress. I hope I make it to January, but I have my doubts. I will keep you all posted. Thank you so much for all of the prayers!

And now I will subject you to a picture from Thanksgiving of the kids and all their cousins and Rhea because she is my sunshine.

img_1765 img_1729


18 thoughts on “Send Chocolate. Lots of It.

  1. Katie

    I read this to my whole family in the car and I kept reading ahead and saying, but wait! It gets worse. Job is an apt comparison lady! I have been praying about the heart issues but just learned in this post that the diagnosis is Down Syndrome (if I am correct that you meant the baby you are carrying?). My sister grew up with special needs and during all of her time at Special Olympics I just fell in love with the kids with Down Syndrome. Their joy and zest and humor are infectious though I know caring for them is not always easy. Will keep your family in our prayers!

    1. Post author

      LOL, so true. And yes, you are correct! The baby I am currently carrying has been prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome. I have heard that from everyone who has been close to people with DS! That warms my heart, thank you.

  2. mbmom11

    For future reference, should you need it, rubbing alcohol can take off Sharpie. For the kids’ skin, you could dilute it first. In a pinch, acetone works too. And, if your kids are anything like mine, no matter how well you think you hide the Sharpies, they will find that last one! (This reminds me, my son used one on a dry erase board this morning – I’ll be trying acetone on that now. )
    May your kids always be so cute and lively, and I hope the rest of your pregnancy runs smoothly. I pray for you and Regina daily.

  3. afamilyformcmanda

    Sometimes you just have to laugh. As I did when reading this. Hard enough to get the attention of my office mates. Sorry, not sorry.
    But seriously, I think of you often. While I hope you make it to your goal length of this pregnancy, should your sweet girl and our Messiah share a birthday, that would be a good omen, right? Prayers and virtual chocolate to you. ❤️

    1. Post author

      Thank you so much. Yes, I think a Christmas baby would be very special indeed. In fact, given her complications, we have been blessed to make it this far!

    1. Post author

      We need to sign her up for child modeling immediately. All that talent going to waste.

  4. Kristen

    Oh Sylvia, that was too funny!! I’m sorry about the casserole, I would have been livid to say the least. My prayers for you have not stopped. If there is ever anything else I can do from 8-10 hours north, besides prayers, please let me know. I’d be honored.

  5. Mary

    I can imagine coming downstairs and seeing that mess. I would have been tempted to strangle you all, so I think you handled it beautifully. And hooray for Neutrogena make up wipes!

  6. Sarah

    Well that sounds like an interesting week to say the least. I would have fallen to pieces.
    Guess what the bonds pa revel arrived finally so I will send it your way xxx

    1. Post author

      Yay!!! The girls sent your girls some letters recently, so I hope they get there soon!

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