In Which I Divulge the Gender of Baby Number Six

Thank you guys so much for your prayers and well wishes this week. We had our 20 week scan today, and apparently I’m only 18 weeks. Funny how with your sixth, you just cannot seem to keep up with how many weeks along you are. Whenever I go into the OB’s office and they ask me how many weeks along I am, I have to respond with, “Don’t you have that in your chart somewhere?”

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was incredibly anxious about this appointment. The OB sent me to the perinatologist for the scan and had in big red letters in my file: “LOOK FOR GENETIC ANOMALIES.” Well, ok then. This should be fun!

Ok, I know both of you reading this are just scanning past all of my yadda yadda yadda-ing to get to the good part. BUT FIRST! I will have to say for the sake of my inexplicable compulsion to chronicle my life on here, that the tech hovered a long time over the heart, and looked for all of the soft markers for genetic issues. She then, of course, told us nothing about the results but instead said the doctor would be right with us to explain everything. She left the room and we waited an agonizing eternity for the doctor to come in, while I very helpfully said to Scott that there was something wrong, I just knew it in between clutching his hand and saying the rosary in my head. The perinatologist FINALLY came in and got down to business of showing us his thoughts on the ultrasound. He told us that everything looked great. Praise the Lord and the countless saints and angels in Heaven that I had been begging for their intercessions.

Ok, if you were skipping ahead, you can stop here. The ultrasound tech asked if our last one was a girl. We told her the last five were girls. She said, “well, this one is a boy.” Both of our jaws fell to the floor. I started crying, which in turn made the tech start crying. Scott furiously texted everyone he knows, beginning with my brother. That was the person he most wanted to tell, because my brother is the youngest of three girls and a boy.

So yes, this little guy is going to have five older sisters. ย My mind is blown.

What should we name him?!!!! After Ruth, Rose, Wren, Rhea, and Regina?!!!

Things are about to get even more interesting.

20 thoughts on “In Which I Divulge the Gender of Baby Number Six

  1. mbmom11

    Congratulations! How marvelous!

    When the midwife announced our fourth was a boy, after 3 girls, we couldn’t take it in. She could have told us we just had a giraffe and I would have believed her sooner!

    Aside from the fact little boys are awesome in their own right, he’ll be the best present you’ll ever give Regina. We had our own little guy a 16 months after our daughter with DS, and they’re the best of friends. The big kids love her and play with her, but the two littlest just have a really special bond. (Though I do warn you, it’s like having twins at times – hard but crazy good!)

    1. Post author

      Thatโ€™s so funny! We had the exact same reaction! Like it had never even occurred to us that it could be a boy. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I know, I am hoping he and Regina will have a good friendship!

    2. Post author

      I know! When the tech said it was a boy, that hadnโ€™t even occurred to us as a possibility! I love hearing stories like yours, thank you. I am really hoping he and Regina will be good friends.

  2. beverley baggett

    Oh I am so excited for you and your husband and your 5 girls. What should you name him, well my pick is Rowan. No reason just like the name. Oh boys are different than girls no matter how you raise them, so, you will have so much fun!! Congradulations !!! I know I never met you but I am still so excited for you!! Blue all the way!! LOL

  3. Jennifer Pratt Aragon

    Happy for you…Richard is the name I recommend (since you asked). 1) Begins with an R๐Ÿ˜‰ 2) Means “ruler”, or “crown” 3) My father’s name, which I was never able to bestow on my own son since we stopped at five (all girls!) Would consider it a personal favor. ๐Ÿ˜œ

  4. Karianne H. Fimland

    Congratulations on a healthy baby! ๐Ÿ™‚ That is the most important thing. Praise the Lord. ๐Ÿ™‚ Praying that your health stays good thoughout pregnancy. (and the baby’s of course). Will be extra exciting for the girls to have a baby brother. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hugs. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Vere

    Congrats!!! I growing up it was only us girls until I was 10 thats when God bleased us with a brother (fun times). Rodrigo

  6. Emma

    Ahhhhh that’s fab! We had 4 girls then a boy and we called him Adam after the first man! I really wanted to call him Reuben which means ‘Behold! A son!’ But we went with Adam xo

  7. sunshineandspoonsshop

    OH MY WORD!!!! I’m so excited for you! Little boys are a whole different world than little girls, right from the time they’re born. And I tell you, nothing melts your heart like a precious little boy who loves his mama more than anything else. Although, with all those big sisters, you may not even get the chance to hold him very much.
    But let’s get down to business…boy names that start with R.
    Roger, Roscoe, Robert, Richard, Reese, Reed, Rossmer (my grandpa’s name!), Reuben, Reid, Raphael, Raoul, Rhys, Rhett, Roan, Ross, Roman, Ryder, Rylan…

  8. Katharine

    I am one of four sisters who then had a baby brother after praying for an entire year. I wonder if my brother would agree, but it was pretty amazing from my standpoint. If you want to stick with the R sound names, how about Rhys, the Welsh form of Reese? Or if thatโ€™s too out there, maybe Roman, Ruben, or Ryan could work.

  9. Alana

    Praise the good Lord above!!! I know unequivocally Regina is a true gift from God, but come on. You deserve to be sans-high risk OB for the rest of your life.

    That said, in my gut I thought this was a boy!!!

    Soooo exciting. In about two years time your bathroom wonโ€™t know what hit it and your lives will never be the same โค๏ธ

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