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Are you capable of forgetting your child in a hot car?

This has been weighing heavily on my mind these past few weeks. Our community was rocked by a horrible tragedy last month. A toddler about Rosie’s age was left in a car for eight hours in the parking lot outside his father’s office. His father that evening pulled over in another parking lot nearby his office and was noticed by witnesses hysterically giving his son CPR in vain on the pavement. The baby boy was dead, and probably had been for several hours.

The night that this horror was splashed all over the news, I couldn’t sleep. Visions of Rosie dying in a hot car tortured me every time I closed my eyes. My initial reaction was wondering frantically if I was capable of such a thing. I don’t get very much sleep at night (cough, Wren), and for that reason I am really hazy during the day. I sometimes feel like I am barely functioning if Wren has had a particularly bad night. Three helpless beings are completely dependent upon me and only me all day long for their well being and survival. The weight of this responsibility makes me panic if I ever think about it for too long. What if I get distracted for a few minutes with the other two and one falls in a pool? What if one of them gets ahold of some of my grandmother’s blood pressure medication and eats it? What if the swing set that they are on is too old and collapses? What if I absentmindedly forget to buckle one in or don’t buckle them in correctly and we are involved in a car accident? The list is endless and for each terrible accident I would hold myself completely accountable. This is the weighty responsibility of motherhood. read more

A letter to my childless self

Hey you! Yes, you over there with your tiny full term belly, wondering how your life is going to change once this baby comes. Let me tell you, this baby and the ones that come after her are going to rock your world, but in the most amazing way possible. However, there are a few things you should know and appreciate before they arrive.

1) Stop obsessing over getting the best parking spot possible. There will come a time when you will have actual physical obstacles to overcome when you park somewhere. Try searching for a parking spot when you have two babies and an enormous pregnant belly, or three babies in tow. Toddlers are as slow as molasses, and you are constantly terrified that their little hands will slip out of yours and they will immediately be hit by a car. (Side note, stop speeding through the parking lot! Toddlers escape easily and are hard to see!) Also, car seats with babies in them weigh about two tons and are about as easy to lift into a shopping cart as a baby grand piano. So, relish your physical freedom, park in the back, and enjoy a leisurely stroll to the store. We moms will be forever grateful. read more

When are you going back to work?

I get asked this all the time. I usually stammer some awkward explanation about being on perpetual maternity leave because I feel like “I AM working, and when the kids grow up and leave the house, I will be enjoying my well-deserved retirement,” isn’t quite the answer they are looking for.

As an aside, I feel obligated to mention that if you are looking for a discussion on whether “working” moms or “stay at home” moms are better or have a harder life, then look elsewhere. I have never been a working mom, so I am not going to presume to speak on something about which I have no knowledge. read more