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Like the Beatles album, but chubbier and more giggly.


Today, my baby is one. If you are wondering how that nursing thing went, I am still fighting for one nurse a day. Girl is weaning herself hardcore. But that struggle deserves its own post.

Milestones: She is pulling up to stand, cruising around while holding onto things, walking with push toys, and standing unassisted for a few seconds. She can also climb the stairs and open the door to the baby gate I put in front of the stairs in my futile attempt to keep her from going up the stairs. She knows that I am “Mama” and takes full advantage of it by shouting it at the top of her lungs if I am out of sight until I reappear and give her what she wants. So, she pretty much shouts, “Mama!” at me all day. If I ask her who Dada is, she will point to Scott. She just started pointing, and it is pretty cute. read more