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Our First Halloween without Buying Costumes

Halloween should be on a Saturday every year. I came into Halloween with a really bad attitude, but it actually exceeded my expectations. While the men folk watched the (extremely disappointing) GA/FL game and the girls napped, my mom and I channeled our crafty sides and made the girls’ costumes. I decided Rhea was going to be the sun and Wren was going to be Minnie Mouse. Rhea has a yellow June and January romper and Wren has a Gap polka dot dress that served as our starting points. I paired Rhea’s romper with her gold moccs and Wren’s dress with her black tights and silver moccs. We only had to make their hats. We glued some felt circles and a polka dot ribbon  to a headband and voilà! Minnie Mouse hat.
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Confession time: I am a Halloween Grinch

Yes, I admit it. I am a veritable Ebeneezer Scrooge of Halloween time. 

You know when you are growing up and you swear you will never inflict the horrible persecutions your parents inflicted on you growing up? Well, not properly getting into the spirit of Halloween was what I swore never to do.   HA!

For Ruth’s first Halloween, she was one month old. I dressed her in a little Halloween themed outfit that my sister bought for her and went to my aunt and uncle’s house to join in their neighborhood Halloween block party. Ruth pooped all over her cute outfit the minute we arrived and got so fussy we had to leave soon thereafter.
Not to be deterred, I took Ruth and two week old Rose out treat or treating the next year. Ruth donned her adorable pumpkin costume (the cheapest one I could find at Pottery Barn), I put Rose in Ruth’s old Halloween outfit from last year (underneath some bundles because it was cold) and we doggedly tried to go trick or treating. Ruth was one, so she was finished by the time we got to the end of the driveway.  read more