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How Thursday with the Pediatric Cardiologist went down

So I have had a day to process what happened at Wren’s appointment yesterday and spoken to a few of my friends and relatives who are in the medical field. Honestly, I spent yesterday in shock. I went into the appointment confident that her heart condition is mild and they would tell us no further action was needed and send us on our way. I didn’t even tell my husband to come with me because I figured the appointment would be unremarkable. But when the doctor starting talking not only surgery, but open heart surgery as a necessity for Wren, I couldn’t process it. read more

Wren’s cardiologist appointment

I went to the pediatric cardiologist with Wren today hoping for some good news. We found out three months ago that she has pulmonary stenosis, but possibly it was going to be mild enough to not require surgery.

Well, the outcome was not what we expected. Apparently the narrowing in her pulmonary valve has gotten worse, not better. And the doctor said that it would get worse as she gets older, and eventually the right side of her heart is going to be working too hard to compensate. (To all my readers with MDs, I hope I’m explaining this correctly). Eventually, she will need surgery to correct this. Probably using a patch instead of a catheter. read more