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Rhea is Six Months

At our six month well check, the pediatrician kept saying he couldn’t believe she was six months old already. I’m glad I’m not the only one.


She is a chubby, long little one with a head size that is literally off the charts. Huh. It doesn’t look at that big to me. But apparently, she is supporting a cabez√≥n. Clearly, it’s full of brains.


Milestones: Sitting up unsupported for a few minutes! First solid food (I mashed up some banana for her). She must have finally rolled from her tummy back to her back because I have found her pretty far away from her play mat. I have yet to actually witness it, though (bad mommy). She much prefers to fuss until I roll her back for her. She is starting to babble a little bit, and I could have sworn I heard her say “uh oh” in her car seat the other day. Impossible, you say? Keep in mind her head is off the charts, mmmkay? read more