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Pentecost Sunday!


Happy Pentecost Sunday! I tried to make sure the girls and I were all wearing dresses with something red(ish) on it. I was excited about Pentecost Sunday Mass. Happily, the girls behaved themselves and we had no mishaps. Rose decided the nice breeze outside was too much for her.


Now Rosie is fine and Ruth is too chilly. I can’t win. Anyhow, I shall satisfy your burning curiosity as to what the girls are wearing.


Dress was a gift from my mother-in-law, shoes were a gift from my Mom. I guess that isn’t very much information. Sorry about that. I have no idea where they got them! read more

Happy Mother’s Day! And What We Wore to Mass

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Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas out there! I’m sitting here blogging while Scott is vanquishing the endless mountain of dirty dishes, so it is safe to say I’m having a pretty good one.  Linking up with Rosie from a Blog for my Mom.

Mass today was a bit of a shock after Scott and I went by ourselves two weeks ago in Chicago and then we were all hit with a horrible fevers/colds/coughs plague last week, so we didn’t make it to Mass. We scrambled in right on time today, but of course the second we crossed the threshold all of a sudden both Ruth and Rose had to use the bathroom. So we ended up sauntering into the sanctuary not until the Gospel reading. Mom and Dad had kindly held some seats (read: an entire pew) for us, so we shuffled in. Wren had put the hymnal in my lap and was perched on my knees, but wanted to move the hymnal and lean back against me, so I had to push her forward a bit (while supporting her, of course) so that I could move the hymnal from my lap. Well, she got startled by me leaning her forward and thought she was going to fall, and started wailing loudly. I got her calmed down pretty quickly by just pulling her in and holding her, but the couple in the pew directly in front of us left the pew in a huff once Wren started wailing. Then, they pointedly made their way to a pew a sufficient distance away from us and sat back down. It was pretty embarrassing and hurtful. That was the only time Wren cried, and it was simply because I startled her and she thought she was going to fall. Oh well, something to offer up. read more