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Like the Beatles album, but chubbier and more giggly.


Today, my baby is one. If you are wondering how that nursing thing went, I am still fighting for one nurse a day. Girl is weaning herself hardcore. But that struggle deserves its own post.

Milestones: She is pulling up to stand, cruising around while holding onto things, walking with push toys, and standing unassisted for a few seconds. She can also climb the stairs and open the door to the baby gate I put in front of the stairs in my futile attempt to keep her from going up the stairs. She knows that I am “Mama” and takes full advantage of it by shouting it at the top of her lungs if I am out of sight until I reappear and give her what she wants. So, she pretty much shouts, “Mama!” at me all day. If I ask her who Dada is, she will point to Scott. She just started pointing, and it is pretty cute. read more

Rhea’s Incredibly Important 8 Month Update

Yeah, that title is pretty click bait-y. Mea Culpa. I was thinking about something along the lines of: “Rhea turns 8 months, what happens next WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!”, but I usually spitefully avoid those types of titles because I feel like they are insulting my intelligence. Unless there is a baby or a cat in it. I’m not made of stone, you guys. What was this post supposed to be about again?


Oh, right. Rhea.

Milestones: She has finally got some sort of strange army crawl hybrid going on. She will pull up to a plank and kind of fall forward. It works for her, so she’s sticking to it. She started saying “mama!” Not sure if she is referring to me specifically, but she seems to say it when she is sleepy or wants to be nursed. She still prefers nursing to solid foods, but she can tear into some Cheerios or little manageable bits of whatever food we’re eating. The more children I have, the more I don’t want to even fool with the trouble or expense of those jars of baby food. She is pleasantly plump on breastmilk alone, so any food she consumes is a bonus. I’m not a complete Baby Led Weaning mama per se, I’m just lazy. She is sleeping 8 hours pretty regularly, but I would prefer 12. She and Ruth both prefer that she sleep in the rock n play. However, she did do a four hour nap in her crib in Ruth’s room the other day, so I am hopeful for an eventual transition there. She will get on her hands and knees and rock back and forth occasionally. read more

Rhea is Six Months

At our six month well check, the pediatrician kept saying he couldn’t believe she was six months old already. I’m glad I’m not the only one.


She is a chubby, long little one with a head size that is literally off the charts. Huh. It doesn’t look at that big to me. But apparently, she is supporting a cabezón. Clearly, it’s full of brains.


Milestones: Sitting up unsupported for a few minutes! First solid food (I mashed up some banana for her). She must have finally rolled from her tummy back to her back because I have found her pretty far away from her play mat. I have yet to actually witness it, though (bad mommy). She much prefers to fuss until I roll her back for her. She is starting to babble a little bit, and I could have sworn I heard her say “uh oh” in her car seat the other day. Impossible, you say? Keep in mind her head is off the charts, mmmkay? read more

Rhea is 5 months!

I know what you are all thinking. But what about her four month update? Well, friends, she turned four months on Ruth’s birthday when we were traveling to Florida. So, I was a little preoccupied. Also #fourthbaby. Also, I am aware you actually didn’t even notice I skipped her fourth month update.  Moving right along! 

 Milestones: Sleeping through the night!!!!!!!!!!!!! My most favorite milestone of all. I realize there might be some regressions in our future, but I am living in the now and enjoying all of this newfound sleep. She is currently still in her little cradle, but if she keeps this up, I am going to move her to the crib in Ruthie’s room and we will have (gasp!) girls sharing a room. We’ll see how that goes. She also consistently rolls from her back to her belly, but can’t seem to roll from her belly to her back. This leads to a lot of frustrated tummy time on her part. You’ll get there, Rhea. And as you can see, she is very close to sitting up unsupported! Girl has got some core strength. I am so relieved because it is much easier to hold her on my hip than try and support her back. She is also standing in the exersaucer and twirling around to play with all the toys. She has been my most phyically ambitious child.  read more

What we can learn about social etiquette from a baby 

Hi there! Baby Rhea here. My mom didn’t call me “Baby Lady” for nothing. I am a master at proper social etiquette. How else do you think I can wake my parents up several times a night (regrettable, but necessary to maintain my impressive corpulence) and still have them eating out of the palm of my hand the next day?

If you follow my simple rules of etiquette, I guarantee you will brighten the lives of all those around you.  I have perfected this art to such a degree that people seem to light up the second I enter the room! I can even have an off day and feel kind of grumpy, and people will still giggle at my grump face. Exasperating, but a burden I must bear. Anyhoo, I will outline my rules below. read more

Rhea is 3 months!

It kind of stinks having a baby at the beginning of the summer because come August when everyone else is talking about how they are so ready for boots and sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes, you’re all: Wait, what? Where did the whole summer go? I thought it had just started! 

But I can’t really complain. Spending a summer inside snuggling with a newborn has its advantages. We love our happy Rhea-baby.

Milestones: Rhea coos and babbles up a storm. She will take any excuse to flash you a toothless grin and start “talking” to you. She is sleeping for longer stretches at night, mostly between 9 pm and 2 am. After that, it is pretty much a crap shoot as to how much she is going to wake up to nurse or not. Some nights, she only wakes up once. Some nights, it seems like she is waking up every hour. She holds her head up really well, and I am able to hold her on my hip in the typical baby hold. I remember it took Wren forever to have that much back strength. She hates tummy time and will not hold her head up while she is doing that, however. Stubborn baby. She isn’t rolling over yet, but all of my girls have been late doing that. (Must be something I am doing wrong.) read more