Wren sits up!

So this happened today. Just thought I’d share with you.

She had been popping back up in her car seat for a couple weeks now, so I figured, hey our bed is cushy! Let’s give this a whirl, kid.

She sat proudly for about ten seconds, and then this happened.


Good job, little bird! Daddy and I are looking forward to following your accomplishments in the field of sitting, in addition to your many other talents. We love you and your sisters so much.


0 thoughts on “Wren sits up!

  1. Sudatta

    She is so so cute!! Many congratulations on the milestone!! Captured beautifully 🙂

  2. kathleen

    Such a sweet smile! We can hardly get Samuel to abide tummy time so I figure we’ll be waiting on things like rolling over and pushing up for a bit. (Though he has rolled over in his crib once… onto his tummy, which made him scream when he realized where he was.)

    1. sylcell Post author

      You never know, it happens all of a sudden sometimes! My other two didn’t roll until they were almost seven months old! Then they pretty much did sitting, rolling and crawling all at once.