Oh Christmas Card, Oh Christmas Card

The first Sunday of Advent was yesterday. The Christmas season is upon us! Scott’s office changed locations last week, so he spent the entire week immersed in moving activities, with the only exceptions of Thanksgiving Day and Saturday. Hence, our Thanksgiving holiday wasn’t quite as relaxing as we may have hoped. However, he is really excited about his new office, and I can’t wait to see it! I should drag all four girls with me. The last time I did that, people were turning right around and foregoing their lunch outings to gawk at us. Nothing to see here, people.  Just a mama duck and her little ducklings following behind her, fighting over who gets to press the elevator buttons.

Needless to say, with all of the moving craziness last week, we did not get out any of our Christmas decorations yet. We didn’t even have a chance to get out the Advent Wreath in time for the first Sunday of Advent. But the proofs for our Christmas pictures are ready, and I cannot wait for them to arrive.


Scott had dressed all of the girls alike that day (they were all in overalls), as is his custom when he gets the girls dressed in the morning. I swear if he had his way, all of the children would have family uniforms à la von Trapp children from The Sound of Music. Rhea is not in overalls because I dressed her. But in my defense, she does not have any overalls. They looked so cute, I just had to plop them down on a quilt in our yard and take some Christmas pictures. Of course, out of the million pictures I took, not one of them contained all four smiling and looking at the camera. That would have been a Christmas miracle.

My very talented sister Rachel designed our Christamas cards this year. Her inspiration was Matyo embriodery from Catholic Hungarian folk art. All of her designs were so exquisite, it was hard for me to pick just one!  You gotta love having amazing relatives.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! May you be blessed as we prepare to celebrate the Nativity of our Lord.

5 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Card, Oh Christmas Card

  1. morgan

    We went to our family photographer 10 days ago and this time he shot >1100 pictures in a bit over an hour. Some of the “outtakes” are just plain hilarious. e.g. the series of pictures in which Dad gets hit by a bus – and in the final one our youngest looks extremely innocent. Or the one in which you just see a deck of cards flying and we get photobombed by our daughter carrying a huuuuuge poo-the-bear (most of it is just blur)…. We definitely love the outtakes. And remember them better than the good ones.

    1. sylvia.hobgood@gmail.com Post author

      LOL, you need to post those when you get them! And you need to message me your address so that I can send you a Christmas card!

    1. sylvia.hobgood@gmail.com Post author

      Ruth jabbing her in the neck pretty much soured her to the whole thing. 😑

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