Pentecost Sunday!


Happy Pentecost Sunday! I tried to make sure the girls and I were all wearing dresses with something red(ish) on it. I was excited about Pentecost Sunday Mass. Happily, the girls behaved themselves and we had no mishaps. Rose decided the nice breeze outside was too much for her.


Now Rosie is fine and Ruth is too chilly. I can’t win. Anyhow, I shall satisfy your burning curiosity as to what the girls are wearing.


Dress was a gift from my mother-in-law, shoes were a gift from my Mom. I guess that isn’t very much information. Sorry about that. I have no idea where they got them!


Dress is from Gap, shoes are Saltwater Sandals.


Dress is Mini Boden (a fabulous gift from my grandmother), shoes are Saltwater Sandals.


Bonnet is Briar Handmade, dress is from Gap, shoes are Freshly Picked.

We had a wonderful weekend. We took the girls to Longhorn on Friday night since a dear neighbor gave Scott a gift card in appreciation for his help with something. Of course we forgot the gift card at home. We’ll just have to go again!


We had a picnic lunch at my parents’ house on Saturday and came home for the girls’ naps. Then, a blogging/Instagram friend and her family were passing through Atlanta on their way home from vacation, and they stopped by to visit with us. We had so much fun, and our kids had so much fun playing together. I love meeting my Internet friends IRL. That is why this community means so much to me. I get to meet kindred spirits whom I wouldn’t have met otherwise. She always brings me an inscribed book, and I can’t wait to dive into the unabridged Princess Bride that she brought me this time. Books are my love language, so I knew we were destined to become good friends. Love you, Katy! Start a blog immediately!


Ruth has been saying some funny things lately. I’m going to have to compile another list for a blog post soon. I’m pretending not to hear your groan, dear reader. I hope your weekend was a good one!

I’m linking up again with Rosie! You know the drill.


10 thoughts on “Pentecost Sunday!

  1. Laura Pearl

    What a beautiful family! You remind me of my oldest son and his wife, who have four daughters, four and under. 🙂

    I love your pointed-toe flats, too. I was going to ask where you got them, but saw Rosie had already done it for me.

    1. Post author

      Oh really?! Bless them, you don’t find many families like ours!

  2. onecatholicmama

    I love your red dress! And hooray for meeting blogging friends! So much fun!

    1. Post author

      I totally forgot I had it until I started looking in my closet for something red! I love it when that happens.

  3. Laura Rose

    You guys look great! I love your dress. Great color. And your 4 girls (we have 4 as well!) are just adorable!!! I love all their sweet little dresses. Happy Pentecost!

    1. Post author

      I know, I have totally scoped out your blog and your four lovelies and I was excited to find a kindred spirit! Happy Pentecost!

  4. Rosie

    I need to know about your flats – I suffer from short stumpy leg syndrome but those look like they might help me! Plus Elizabeth looked at my shoes before Mass and said, “Uh, mom… Maybe some day YOU can get dress shoes!” so I’m thinking the sandals aren’t cutting it!

    1. Post author

      Yes, I got them because I too suffer from stumpy leg syndrome but I cannot stand to wear heels most days. The pointy toes elongates the legs, I hear. 😉 They are from Zappos, and the brand is Sam Edelman.

  5. Sarah @ disisd

    Adorable family!
    — we love longhorn. It’s my mom’s face steak place. Haha.

    — we are definitely meeting up next time we drive through ATL. Sorry Lucy and I missed you end of sept 🙁 silly viruses.

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