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The Post of Ruth

Ah, Ruthie, Rutabega, Rue, Ruey, Baby Ruth, The Rue, Rue Baby. Rose calls her “Roofie” and our housekeeper from Guatemala calls her “Rudy.” An entire post can barely contain her, but I will sure as heck try.

She has always been precocious, but she was our first child, so we didn’t notice. She never ceases to amaze me with her memory and her observations on life. She turns 4 on Saturday (waaahhhhh!), and she keeps asking for a bouncy house like she had last year. Except this year she wants a “Frozen” bouncy house instead of an Ariel bouncy house like last year. I haven’t had the heart to tell her that this year we will be out of town visiting relatives, so a bouncy house most probably isn’t in her future.  read more

A Black Plague Themed Birthday Party

Ruthie had her third birthday party yesterday. If you were hoping for gorgeous pictures of Martha Stewart-worthy handmade decorations and a charming theme like, “Voyage to Paris,” well . . . . sorry. I think I must be the least crafty girl on the planet. When I was in high school, my 12 year old sister accused me of making people’s birthdays worse with my abysmal “happy birthday” posters. I was forced to agree.

Anyway, when I asked Ruth what kind of birthday party she wanted, she gave me two criteria: a bouncy house and an Ariel cake. That I can do, little curly top.
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Happy Birthday to Rue!

Dear Ruthie-

This day three years ago, your father and I were nervously driving at the crack of dawn to the hospital. We couldn’t believe it was time to meet you already. You had been stubbornly breech for most of my pregnancy, and with my low amniotic fluid and my tiny first time belly, it was going to be much safer for you to enter the world via a scheduled C section. I remember your large head was wedged up in my lungs and your little feet were up by your head poking me under my rib cage. read more